Ben & Jerry's has been naming ice creams after real people for decades. Cherry Garcia, anyone? Yes, please!

Well, now there's a new ice cream named after Kentucky's governor.

Crank & Boom Craft Ice Cream is, according to its Facebook page, an artisan ice cream maker in Lexington.

LEX18-Lexington tells us that "Candy Beshear" is a salted caramel ice cream with M&M, Kit Kat, and Butterfinger pieces.


That sounds amazing.

And, well, Crank & Boom is an amazing business. They've been hard at work cranking out ice cream for Kentucky's Healthcare the tune of enough ice cream for 550 front line workers at Baptist Health Lexington.

Keep it up, guys. And send of that new "Candy Beshear" to Owensboro.

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