Indiana has just been added to list of states currently covered by a new subscription service that brings your birth control to your door without having to see a doctor first.

There is a new subscription service called Nurx and it allows you to get your birth control shipped to your door without having to pay a visit to your family doctor first. I spotted news of Nurx online and of course became immediately curious. I hate going to the doctor, especially for the "wellness" checkups. It just so happens that I am actually "due" for another one of those visits so I can get a new prescription for my birth control. I've been putting it off for a couple of months. I actually called last month and just begged them to refill it because I am just to busy to go get poked and prodded by the doctor.

I know from past appointments that I am ok to continue on oral contraception because I no longer smoke. Most doctors won't prescribe oral birth control if you smoke and over the age of 35 as it can increase the risk of a issues. So knowing that I'm good on that end of things, I thought I'd give this Nurx thing a try! According to the website, my copay for the brand & type of pill that I currently take is only a couple of bucks and change and the shipping is free for the service. I will tell you that I currently pay a $9 copay at a local pharmacy every month for the exact same monthly prescription.

Nurx asks for your basic personal information as well as a quick survey of questions. You'll upload a front & back photo of your insurance card (if you don't have insurance, you can still use the service with prescriptions starting at just $15) and a photo of you ID. It also asks for shipping and billing information. I went ahead and signed up and now I am waiting for approval. Apparently, my request will be reviewed (and hopefully approved!) by a real doctor. Oh! And it's all HIPAA compliant too so everything is secure!

Here's my email confirmation:

Kat Mykals


So now I wait and see what happens next. If this actually works and is as easy as it sounds, I am going to be one happy woman!!! If you'd like to sign up, visit Nurx here.




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