Now I have heard of "No Shave November" but the Owensboro Police Department is taking it two steps (well months) further actually!For the third year in a row any OPD officers who donate money for two amazing causes will be allowed to grow their beards up to 1 inch in length, according to Chief Art Ealum.

OPD Facebook
OPD Facebook

The two causes that will receive the benefit are Operation Santa celebrating its' fifth year which is a food donation program aimed at helping those in need within our community during the holidays and Camp K.O.P.S. which is a crime prevention program focused on allowing local kids to have a fun camp experience in a positive structured environment with police officers.

According to, Chief Ealum, he recognized the enthusiasm that this idea brought to several officers and decided to implement it.  Not without being mindful of the image that the OPD needs to keep in our community so certain rules were applied; such as a one inch length restriction.

They expect that over 60 officers will join in the fundraiser and hope to raise somewhere around $5000.000!

So don't worry if you see our OPD officers looking a little scruffy it's all for a GREAT cause!  Two of them actually~

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