Back in the Fifties when television sets became popular, it was customary to have one family tv that resided in the living room. Now, it's not uncommon to have a TV in every room in the house - including the bathroom!

But, one of the major complaints about TVs is that they look like a big black box that doesn't compliment decor. So, Samsung unveiled at an event in Paris that they are set to release a framable set that displays a "screen saver" of artwork to complete the look this spring.

According to Forbes, the TV, which does not have a model number is simply called "Frame." You can change out the frame around the TV, it lies flush with the wall much like a piece of art, and also has a Frame TV on a ‘Studio Stand’ if you’d rather not hang it on your wall. And, the very best part - there are NO wires hanging down! As someone who has terrible wires hanging from her TV, this is magic. See the monstrosity below.

Samsung plans to make the TV available this spring but there's no price point set as of yet.

Ashley S
Ashley S

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