I was scrolling through my Facebook feed this morning and saw a tear-jerking post. A photo of a seemingly plain black kitty was accompanied by a long string of words. After reading them I realized my friend Cheryl had written a wonderful obituary for her kitty friend Chewie. 

She wrote:

Cheryl Meier shared her photo.

Chewbacca "Chewie" Meier, 14 yrs old, born in Evansville, IN and adopted by Wade Liostro at a local rummage sale. After his dad moved to Seattle, he was reluctantly adopted by Gramps and I. His life was filled with strolling around a big yard, pestering Chester, chasing away neighborhood cats and laying on the deck. His best friend was Tom the painter, who painted our house after the tornado. His health had been failing recently & he was scheduled for a vet visit on Monday afternoon. He was last seen Monday morning and presumably, he has crossed the rainbow bridge on his own. Special thanks to my grandson, Trayce who has fed & watered him for the past year. As always when I lose a pet, my heart is broken. Love you Chew Butt, Mom

Cheryl Meier
Cheryl Meier


As someone who has a terminally ill pet at home, I can relate. God speed, Chewie. God speed...

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