One of my favorite parts of the summer is when the Discovery Channel brings back "Shark Week" and it just happens to be next week!  We've got the schedule right here~

Starting Sunday, July 24, Shark Week begins and here is the schedule;

Sunday, July 23

7pm- Great White Shark Serial Killer Lives

8pm- Phelps vs. Shark/Great Gold vs. Great White

9pm- Shark/Croc Showdown

10pm- Devil Sharks

11pm- Shark After Dark

Monday, July 24

8pm- Shark Vortex

9pm- Return to the Isle of Jaws

10pm- Alien Sharks: Stranger Fins

11pm- Shark After Dark

Tuesday, July 25

9pm- Sharks and the City: LA

10pm- Sharks and the City: New York

11pm- Sharks After Dark

Wednesday, July 26

9pm- The Lost Cage

10pm- Great Hammerhead Invasion

11pm- Shark After Dark

Thursday, July 27

9pm- Shark Exile

10pm- Shark Swarm

11pm- Shark After Dark

Friday, July 28

9pm- African Shark Safari

10pm- Lair of the Sawfish

Saturday, July 29

9pm- Sharkmania

Sunday, July 30

8pm- Shark School with Michael Phelps

9pm- Naked and Afraid Special

10pm- Naked and Afraid




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