In one fell swoop (Read: within the same press release), we've learned two very important pieces of information about the next Owensboro Air Show.

First, there won't be one in 2020.

Second, the Blue Angels will be on hand (and in the air) for the 2021 air show.

Oh wait, there's a third new tidbit...the air show dates for 2021 have been moved up to August--the 13th through the 15th, to be exact.

But let's get back to the Blue Angels.

In a City of Owensboro press release, public events director Tim Ross said the US Navy Blue Angels Demonstration Team will be back for the 2021 show.

Ross says the Blue Angels field hundreds of appearance requests annually and usually end up committing to less than 30 cities.

It's quite a feather in Owensboro's cap that air show fans have been so overwhelmingly faithful through the years that it's become a must-stop for the world's premiere demonstration team.

The air show will once again feature many events on day one  (August 13th) with the main shows set for the 14th and 15th.

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