Living in Kentucky, we get the usual suspects, in terms of weather watches and warnings.

Severe thunderstorm, tornado, winter storm. That sort of thing.

In southern Florida, it's a bit different. And I'm not talking about hurricane and tide warnings and watches.

I'm talking about FALLING IGUANA warnings.

I am not making this up and I have proof I'm not:

It is so cold (by their standards) in south Florida, that the National Weather Service-Miami had to warn folks that iguanas were falling out of the trees.

Now, keep in mind, THEY ARE NOT DEAD. But you still wouldn't want one hitting your noggin or your windshield, I'd imagine.

And, to no one's surprise, folks are having fun with this rare phenomenon:

You just know meteorologists are making the local Miami talk show circuits with this. And if not, time to get busy.



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