If you follow me on our website and read my articles, you will find that I write quite a bit about ghosts and the paranormal. It's like country artists say about writing a song, you go with what you know and what you have lived. And yes, I have had a lot of strange encounters with things that had no explanation, or a weak one at best. I guess, just like you, I'm simply trying to find answers and explanations for things that happen in life.

Ironically, you will rarely, if ever find me in a haunted house, or anything like it, during Halloween. I don't like the fabricated yearly haunts. But, my husband would let me, I would love to explore the real thing. He is afraid I will bring something home with me that we can't get rid of. I have to admit, I'm a little scared that might happen too. I've seen the movies.

But, when I came across this haunted cave experience, in Ohio, I thought, Let's go! Inside the cave, not only is it supposed to be haunted, it has over 30,000 LIVE bats. Now, I grew up with a mom and dad that hung bat houses on the trees in our yard, so I'm not afraid of bats. Growing up, they were always circling overhead. But, inside a dark cave, now that feels a little creepy.

Bats in a cave
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The Lewisburg Haunted Cave is in Lewisburg, Ohio, and is open now, on the weekends through Halloween and has the 30,000 LIVE bats I was talking about, along with chilling scenes set up throughout the cave. From the Tristate, it takes around five hours to get there, but well worth it. Make a haunted weekend out of it.

Here is how it's described on their website.

What's scarier than a REAL cave? The Lewisburg Haunted Cave... a 50-minute long experience...located eighty feet BELOW ground in LIMESTONE CAVE! World’s Longest Haunt! Plus 30,000 live bats! IT’S REAL! 

I don't normally like pretend scary setups, but this cave looks incredibly scary, with a very real feel. It's unlike anything I have ever seen. Take a look.

See photos, get more info, and purchase tickets, HERE.

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