Old National Bank has partnered with Doorways to Dreams (D2D) to link clients and communities to innovative resources to help make learning to manage your money fun.

 Five free online games have been created by D2D (www.d2dfund.org), a pioneer in “financial entertainment” - an engaging new medium that teaches consumers how to better manage their money.  April is National Financial Literacy Month and is an appropriate time to launch is new link on oldnational.com for clients and community members to utilize here

 The games currently available include:

  • Celebrity Calamity:  Manage celebrity credit cards and spending; 
  • Groove Nation:  Dance and budget on the Road to LA;
  • Bite Club:  Save for retirement while running a vampire “day” club;
  • Farm Blitz:  Manage farm resources to build savings and survive financial emergencies;
  • Refund Rush:   Help clients split tax refunds and save during tax time. 

 “These games reach people who would never open a personal finance workbook or attend a financial literacy class.  They can effectively and cost-efficiently prompt consumers to take actions that will improve their long-term financial outcomes, including seeking out the essential financial products so many Americans lack,” said Timothy Flacke, D2D’s Executive Director. 

 “D2D’s mission of increasing families’ saving rates mirrors the mission and goals of the Bank On model, which ONB has taken the lead in launching in a dozen communities throughout our footprint,” explained Patty Avery, CRA Community Outreach Officer.  “The key to financial success is understanding how the way you spend, save and take on debt combine to create your future, and these online games offer a creative and fun way to provide that information to all of our communities.”

 About Old National

Old National Bancorp is the largest financial services holding company headquartered in Indiana and, with $7.3 billion in assets, ranks among the top 100 banking companies in the United States. Since its founding in Evansville in 1834, Old National has focused on community banking by building long-term, highly valued partnerships with clients in its primary footprint of Indiana, Illinois and Kentucky.  In addition to providing extensive services in retail and commercial banking, wealth management, investments and brokerage, Old National also owns Old National Insurance which is one of the top 100 largest agencies in the US and the 10th largest bank-owned insurance agency. For more information and financial data, please visit Investor Relations at oldnational.com.

 About D2D

D2D is a national nonprofit organization that strengthens the financial opportunity and security of consumers by innovating, incubating and stimulating new financial products and policies.  Financial entertainment represents one such innovation.

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