With a three-year-old in the house, we are no stranger to Barbie and inherited a family member's collection. Some of them are vintage Barbies and you can instantly tell what decade they are from by their hairstyle and clothing. There were also a few Bratz dolls in the mix. I once heard a DJ say that Bratz dolls are the ghetto version of Barbie.

With girls becoming self aware at such a young age, we should take a good look at their environment starting with their toys.I've learned that they are little sponges and it's when you think they aren't listening or paying attention that they absorb the most.

One mom has decided to give some Bratz dolls a new lease on life by giving them a make under. The results are a great and much more appropriate for little girls to play with. Looks like I have a new art project this weekend and I hope that toy manufactures will take notice at the outcry of support for this mom!

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