One of the top-rated train trips in the United States starts out in this Illinois city.

Chance To Travel By Train

When I was in college my parents invited me on a vacation. They were taking a train from Chicago to New Orleans. It was going to take twenty-something hours depending on train traffic. I took a hard pass on that one. The ride would have been really boring but there are train trips out of Chicago that I might consider.

Top Rated Train Trip In United States Out Of Chicago

One of the top-rated train trips in the United States is on the "Empire Builder" which travels from Chicago to Portland, Oregon. Think about how amazing the view would be the whole time. This adventure takes forty-six hours.

According to,

"There is only one word to describe this journey: epic."


"The Empire Builder runs daily between Chicago and the Pacific Northwest, mirroring much of Lewis and Clark’s original expedition."


"It passes through a greatest hits list of must-see sites, from the urban (St. Cloud and Minneapolis) to the great outdoors (big-sky country and Glacier National Park)."

Doesn't that sound like an amazing time? For more info, HERE.

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