When you're a kid, you learn things. If you're a big brother, that means you can pass that wisdom down to your little sister just like this southern Missouri boy did about how to deal with snow days.

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This video was shared by Ashton Stevens. She and her husband were preparing to take the family outside to enjoy a recent snowstorm. Their two-year-old son Sloan was giving advice to his eight-month-old sister Isla. That's when the phone camera video began.

After describing his winter outfit, Sloan told his sister "We gotta go play...we gotta go play in the snow". This kid knows a thing or two because he's seen a thing or two.

Sloan is a good big brother. Watching out for little sis while also making sure he has the maximum play time outside is an admirable activity.

One thing needs to be addressed though. Sloan and his family live in Missouri yet he's sporting a Las Vegas Raiders pajama shirt? Think dad needs to have a talk about football teams in Missouri that Patrick Mahomes would approve of. Other than that, a sweet Missouri family moment to be cherished.

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