The Warrick County Emergency Management Agency announced the burn ban today (9/25).

Bonfire, dry yellow leaves burn in the garden
Taras Lazur

The Warrick County Emergency Management Agency posted the following to Facebook:

Warrick County Commissioners 107 W. Locust Street, Suite 301
Boonville, IN 47601
Phone: (812) 897-6120; Fax: (812) 897-6189

Dan Saylor Bob Johnson Terry J Phillippe

September 24, 2019


The Warrick County Board of Commissioners, in order to prevent unreasonable fire hazards during unusually dry weather periods, and pursuant to Warrick County Board of Commissioners' Ordinance No. 2008-10, "Open Burning Ordinance", hereby declares an Open Fire Emergency. This Open Fire Emergency shall be in force until such time as revoked by the Board of Commissioners. This Open Fire Emergency is in effect for all unincorporated areas of Warrick County, 24 hours per day.

However, whether or not to allow campfires at county parks will be at the discretion of the Parks Superintendent.

The Open Burning Ordinance states in part:

"...No person shall set, start or attempt to set or start an open fire within the county during the duration of a declared emergency unless a permit has first been obtained from a local fire department within the county and said permit is within the possession of the person or entity attempting to set or start such open burn."

A copy of the complete ordinance may be obtained from the Warrick County Commissioners' Office, at the address or phone numbers listed in the letterhead.

Dan Saylor, President
Robert H. Johnson, Jr., Vice President Terry J Phillippe, Member

Attest: Roger E. Emmons, Administrator

We will keep you updated as we hear more.

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