Barbie Korfhage calls her husband "Linda" (inspired by the movie Slingblade) though his name is really Tom.  And Linda falls asleep in public . . . a lot.  And we have lots of photographic proof courtesy of his loving wife.

Exhibit A:

Barbie Korfhage

According to Barbie, that photo was taken at dinner.  Their anniversary dinner!!  LOL!

See, Tom is an electronics engineer & controls specialist at Metalsa.  He's worked for the company for over two decades and is fully dedicated to the job.  Barbie says Tom, er, I mean Linda, is a workaholic.  And, clearly, when he crashes, the boy crashes.  And it doesn't matter where he is.
Exhibit B:
Barbie Korfhage

That's Tom/Linda sleeping at the Gala at the Owensboro Convention Center.  And, why stop there?  Here's Exhibit C:

Barbie Korfhage

That's Tom lights out at the Owensboro Convention Center again.  This time at a charity event.

But this may be the best!

Exhibit D:

Barbie Korfhage

Barbie snapped Tom sleeping . . . standing straight up . . . while they were shopping! LOL!

As Barbie explains,  "He tries so hard to stay awake but his body is just not used to being up past a certain time."  Clearly, when his body is done, it's done!
Barbie says Tom has even fallen asleep at family parties.  Several times her "large Catholic family" has played tricks on him while he’s sleeping too.  They have put shaving creamed his hands, tickled his nose and watched him smear the shaving cream all over his face. They've also painted his toes, which, by the way, he didn't notice until we get up in the morning.
Barbie has been with Tom since she was 17-years-old.  She's 49 now and says Tom is "her world."  Well, today, Barbie's getting revenge for all those times he has just completely fallen unconscious during their dates, shopping events, family parties and anniversary dinners.
Linda.  Linda!  Wake up, Linda!