By the end of 2022, it looks like we will have a lot more dining options in the Evansville area.

We have seen quite a few new restaurants come to the Evansville area over the past couple of years that have had a lot of people talking. Some have already opened, while others are still in the planning stages. Some of these businesses that have made their way to Evansville include Crumbl Cookies, Biscuit Belly, Pier 17, and more. The Evansville area has plenty of room for more restaurants to make plans to have a location in Evansville in 2022, and boy are there a lot coming to the area.

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Evansville 411 News posted on Facebook earlier today regarding restaurants that have announced plans to come to the Evansville area in 2022. Locations include Downtown, East Side, West Side, North Side, South Side, Newburgh, and a few have locations to be announced. I was surprised to find out exactly how many restaurants have plans to add locations in the area. So far, over 30 restaurants have announced plans to come to the Evansville area in 2022. According to Evansville 411 News' post, these are the

Downtown Evansville

CALLE Baja Street Fare
Menu: Mexican street food
Location: 200 Main Street
Opening: TBA
Carpenter Crossing Food Hall
Type: Five restaurant shops, bar, seating, patio, etc.
Location: 408 Carpenter Street
Opening: Summer
Cosmo’s Bistro
Menu: TBA (farm-to-fork concept)
Location: 101 SE Third Street
Opening: Spring/Summer
Downtown Abbey
Menu: TBA (steak and seafood)
Location: 415 Main Street
Opening: TBA
Menu: Smoothies, tea, coffees, etc.
Location: 300 Main Street
Opening: Coming Soon
Menu: Cookies
Location: 318 Main Street (pending)
Opening: TBA
Menu: Burgers, beer, etc.
Location: 113 SE Fourth Street
Opening: Spring

Evansville's East Side

Backyard Bar & Games
Menu: TBA
Location: 5416 E Indiana Street (pending)
Opening: TBA
Menu: Burgers, pizza, wings, sandwiches, steaks, etc.
Location: 1 North Burkhardt Road
Opening: Late Spring/Early Summer
El Paisano
Menu: TBA (tacos)
Location: 311 South Green River Road (pending)
Opening: TBA
Menu: Pancakes, omelets, burritos, burgers, etc.
Location: 6550 E Lloyd Expressway*
*Moving locations
Opening: TBA
Jalisco Taqueria
Menu: TBA (street tacos)
Location: 6840 Logan Drive – Suite A
Opening: TBA
Name TBA – Chasers Bar & Grill
Menu: TBA
Location: 1700 Morgan Center Drive
Opening: TBA
Menu: International baked items, coffee, sandwiches, etc.
Location: Washington Square
Opening: TBA
Menu: Sandwiches, salads, soups, cookies, cakes, etc.
Location: 111 South Green River Road*
*Moving Locations
Opening: Coming Soon
Menu: Juices, smoothies, soul bowls (acai), waffles, gourmet toast, etc.
Location*: TBA – Near Burkhardt Road
Opening: TBA
*Plans to expand to Downtown Evansville in the future

Evansville's West Side

Menu: Donuts, bagels, coffee, cookies, etc.
Location: 4800 W Lloyd Expressway
Opening: Late Spring/Summer 2022
Menu: BBQ
Location: 901 W Franklin Street
Opening: Late Summer/Early Fall
Type: Charcuterie, delivery, lunchboxes, macarons, wine, etc.
Location: 2015 W Franklin Street
Opening: Coming Soon

Evansville's North Side

Menu: Appetizers, burgers, pizza, appetizers
Location: 19501 Elpers Road
Opening: Late Winter/Early Spring

Evansville's South Side

Type: Shared Kitchen Space
Location: 1201 S Bedford Avenue
Opening: TBA
Menu: Variety of vegan food and desserts
Location: 1201 S Bedford Avenue (Inside Bedford Collab)
Opening: Contact Vegan Eats and Treats to order


Menu: Coffee, ice cream, waffles, etc.
Location: 20 W Water Street
Opening: Spring
Menu: Sandwiches, salads, spuds, soups, tea
Location: 3788 Libbert Road
Opening: Tentatively opening Monday, February 7th
Menu: Beer, coffee, breakfast items, etc.
Location: 8245 High Pointe Drive
Opening: TBA
NewBurger (owners of Nellies)
Menu: Steakburgers
Location: 8566 Ruffian Lane
Opening: TBA
Pizza 261
Menu: Pizza
Location: 4944 Old SR 261 – Suite 9
Opening: TBA
Menu: Teriyaki bowls, rice, etc
Location: 8833 High Pointe Drive
Opening: Summer 2022

Locations To Be Announced

Menu: Ice cream
Location: TBA
Opening: TBA
Menu: Firecakes (donuts), drips (coffee), etc.
Location: TBA*
*Considering opening either a small brick and mortar location or 2 food trucks
Opening: TBA
*Subject to change*

As previously mentioned, that is a lot of restaurants coming to the area! The crazy thing is that we are only in January. That means that more restaurants/businesses will likely announce plans to come to the area in 2022 as well. Check out the list below to see if you'd like to see any of these businesses come to the Evansville area in 2022.

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