Brenda has gone through her First Month of Training, has lost 15 lbs and is moving on to a healthy lifestyle! Brenda shares her Testimony with us today in the first segment. I am so inspired by my radio guest Brenda Sharp as she continues losing weight and taking the necessary steps to living a healthy lifestyle. You can listen to Brenda share what is working for her and how she is doing this on Friday, Saturday & Sunday on 1490 WOMI & 99.1 FM.


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Brenda will be checking in with me weekly and on my radio show each month. I will be her Coach  and cheerleader watching her take the next steps to a healthy lifestyle. Brenda is tracking her weekly exercise, nutrition, how she is feeling and what is working and not working for her.

Watch Brenda demonstrate a Total Body Exercise that you can do anywhere!

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Theresa Rowe is a Faith based wellness Coach, Media Personality & Author of Shaped by Faith book, Ten Secrets To Strengthening Your Body & Soul.




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