I am obsessed with scavenger hunts.  When I was at school at the University of Louisville, my friends and I use to compete in the annual Ghost Runs at Halloween.  When I was the chair of Theatre Workshop's Volunteer Committee, my friends and I created a Halloween-themed scavenger hunt.  And, here at WBKR, Dave Spencer and I worked together for years creating and executing the WBKR/Halloween Havoc Road War.  Like I said.  Obsessed.

That's why I am thrilled to share this news.  River City Finance is hosting a city-wide scavenger hunt that's designed to celebrate other local businesses.  The contest officially launched yesterday. Here's how it works.

River City will feature a new local business per day on their official website.  This will happen each Monday and Wednesday in the month of May.  There will be a riddle and the answer to that riddle will be a "code" word.  If you go to the listed business and use that code word, you'll earn a scavenger hunt token.

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There will be a total of seven tokens up for grabs and all players will have until Friday, June 4th to collect them.  Then, on Saturday, June 5th, players will be asked to turn in all of their collected tokens at the location given with the final clue of the scavenger hunt.  That final event, by the way, will include hamburgers, hotdogs, drinks and, yes, door prizes!

For complete rules and more information, you can visit rivercityfinanceKY.com, or call River City Finance at (270) 686-3002.  Good luck and happy hunting!

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