Who is George Rose?

George Rose is an artist, producer, and songwriter out of Dallas, Texas. With his catchy hooks and his expertise in multiple genres, you are sure to find something you love. In the past six years, he has been able to plant deep roots in the music industry by working with many other producers and artists.

After graduating high school in Texas, George started working with two-time Grammy Award-winning PlayNSkillz, as well as Lecrae’s label Reach Records artists - Hulvey and Wande. He was living the high life and trying to fit in with his new claim to fame. His life came crashing down when he moved out of his parent's home and began taking drugs.

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The Lord Had Plans for George Beyond What He Ever Imagined

Little did George know, but the Lord still had great plans for him to fulfill. After struggling with addiction, he knew it was time to clean himself up and God was the only way to do this. He met his wife, who is actually from Owensboro, Kentucky, while she was living in Texas. George put his music aside and he and his wife became full-time children's ministers in Dallas, Texas.

After a year of serving God, George knew it was time to get back to music, but this time, things would be different. George heard the Lord send a message to his heart, "Are you willing to let it all go to follow God." That is exactly what happened when George said, "Yes Lord, I am willing."

George, along with his wife and young son packed up and moved to Owensboro Kentucky. He says that Owensboro is where he wants to live, raise his family and looks forward to what God has in store for his music career.

He will soon be releasing his debut album!

God is good all the time! Hear my interview with George right here.

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