The 4th of July is less than a month away and fireworks stores are gearing up for a busy season.  However, the Owensboro Police Department is taking the time to remind you of the rules about local Independence Day fireworks celebrations.

Budweiser Celebrates July 4th With Jersey City's Freedom & Fireworks Festival
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Here are the rules for fireworks discharged within the city limits of Owensboro.

#1-  Normally, fireworks may only be used between the hours of 10:00 a.m. and 10:00

#2-  Fireworks may be used between 10:00 a.m. and Midnight on the following dates only-
• December 31st through January 1st
• July 3rd
• July 4th
• Memorial Day
• The date set by the city commission as the date to celebrate
Independence Day

 #3- No person may use fireworks if they are
• Under the age of 18
• Within 200 feet of any structure
• Within 200 feet of any vehicle (operational or non-operational)
• Within 200 feet of any other person
• Or where the use of such would place that person in violation
of any other law, regulation, or ordinance

And the OPD is issuing a stern warning about the seriousness of discharging fireworks at someone or someone's property . . .

"There have been past instances where large fireworks have been intentionally directed towards persons and properties, including police officers; damage and injuries have
occurred as a result. These actions have the potential of taking what otherwise would be a city ordinance violation or misdemeanor charge and turning them into felony crimes."

So, this 4th of July, be careful and follow the above rules . . . just to keep you and your neighbors safe and happy!

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