The Owensboro Downtown Development project led by Mayor Ron Payne is getting national attention today. In a New York Times article regarding successful tax increases the city is the Star.


What began as an $80 million dollar project is now has grown to a $1 Billion dollar investment if you consider the new hospital, airport expansion and other projects.

The Headline: A Kentucky City reinvents a Faded Downtown featured a photo of the Mayor standing in front of the work being done at Smothers Park. Wth the Ohio River in the background.

Local developers Larry Conder and Terry Woodward are quoted in the article. The Malcolm Bryant Coporation is also mentioned.

You may click on the link above to read the entire article.

WOMI is proud to serve this thriving community. We are sure Owensboro will continue to gain National and International attention as things progress. Our sources tell us another major announcement is forthcoming regarding jobs and new development in both the city and county.

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