Leading up to the Grand Celebration August 23, 24 and 25 of Owensboro's Riverfront. We will have a different guest on the Joe Lowe Morning Show each morning to talk about it.

One day it will be about the Air Show, the next it will be about the re-dedication of the Shelton Memorial, the next the Children's Playground.

We realize that not everyone can listen all morning each morning ( I don't really understand but they made me say that) so we are going to post the daily interviews here.


Monday  our guest was Owensboro Mayor Ron Payne who helped take the vision of downtown and riverfront redevelopment from a seed of an idea to reality. You can tell by listening to this interview that Mayor Ron has a passion for this project and it very proud of what it represents for future generations.

Tuesday, Tim Ross with the City of Owensboro will discuss the Grand Opening Schedule and Cape Air's David Terry will call -in with a last chance for Joe Lowe Morning Show listeners to win one of 12 pairs of tickets to tour the Owensboro Riverfront by air courtesy of Cape Air and the Owensboro Airshow.

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