When an outer loop around Owensboro was proposed in the spring of 2021, it was my understanding that it would be to the Owensboro BYPASS what the Gene Snyder Freeway is to the Watterson Expressway in Louisville. A sort of bypass around the bypass.


And when it WAS proposed, it was met with a great deal of opposition from members of the Owensboro and Daviess County communities--concerns about what the outer loop would mean with regards to personal property being the chief issue. Midway through last summer, however, the matter was tabled with the promise that a feasibility study about the project would be finalized and published in the fall.

Well, fall is here and so is the final version of the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet's feasibility study about the Owensboro Outer Loop.


When you take a look at it, some of you will understand every last drop of the information. And because there's a good deal of "shop talk" involved, some won't. But what I did discern was that there were a LOT more factors considered regarding the feasibility of an outer loop than I would've guessed. But that's why the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet does that sort of thing and I don't.

Under the heading of "Existing Conditions" alone were such items as the national highway system (those roads under the jurisdiction of the Federal Highway Administration), speed limits, types of curves and grades, structures, traffic volume, crash data, pedestrian and bicycle fatalities, and environmental impact.


There's a wide variety of other points in the study, but, at its heart, it's simply (well, maybe not SIMPLY) an explanation as to WHY the outer loop project is not currently feasible. The study also acknowledges the vast amount of input received from the public.

In terms of future projects, only a new interchange with Interstate 165 was considered a possibility.

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