Over the many years I've trod the sod, I've seen a lot of restaurants I loved come and go. And Owensboro has been home to a LOT of them.

Now, stepping outside the city limits for a moment, I want to throw a couple at you that you may remember--one more than the other, I'd wager.

There was a barbecue restaurant in Evansville behind that big cemetery on 41 many, many years ago called Mac's. It was a big deal for us to drive over and do some shopping and eat there. Loved it.

Here's the one that might be too obscure for very many of you to remember. It was across the river in Reo, a little buffet place called The Modern. It was right across the highway from where BOGO Fireworks is now. We used to visit after church quite frequently.

But let's get back to Owensboro. I did some informal polling and learned what eateries my fellow citizens and friends miss the most.

Owensboro Restaurants We Miss the Most

These restaurants are no longer in Owensboro and we them BACK!

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