Did we have summer? I mean, was that what that was on September 21st...the LAST official day of summer?

I only ask because, despite the fact that we had warm to hot days--you know, SUMMER weather--it doesn't really feel like we had one.

Let's see, I went on vacation, I wore shorts, I was cranking the air conditioner. Yeah, it was summer alright.

OH, wait a minute. Now I know why there's confusion. I didn't go SWIMMING this summer. Wow, that's right. For the first time in my lifetime, I guess, I went an entire summer without going swimming. I mean I didn't even get WET, except for taking a shower and getting caught in the rain.

I should have sneaked into one of Owensboro spray parks and pretended to be a 6-year-old. THEY were all open. Yeah, I probably wouldn't have gotten away with it. The size 15 shoes would have likely given me away.

But I will say this...if I get a wild hair and decide to actually do that, I'd better hurry, because the City of Owensboro has announced that this weekend is the final weekend of 2020 for its spray parks.

It was a short season, indeed, for the spray parks, but hopefully next summer, the kids will get the full treatment when they open on Memorial Day Weekend 2021.

Now it's time to redirect and focus on flannel, bonfires, and falling leaves. And I'm certainly here for all that.

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