If you have been to the store in the last week or so, you know there has been an inexplicable mad rush on toilet paper.  You likely have seen the photos on social media.  Store shelves have, pardon the pun, been completely wiped out.  Well, have no fear.  My friend Heidi McCain is here!  And she created a video to show you how to make your own toilet paper at home.  There are two videos for you.  Video #1 will show you how to make it.  Video #2 will show you what to do with it once you've used it.

Not only is Heidi sharing her tips with you, she's taking advantage of her kids being home by introducing them to what she calls "Grown Up Homesteading."  They're cleaning, spending time in the greenhouse, gardening and, yes, making toilet paper.  Heidi says, "Heidi's Homestead is THE place to be for this apocalypse.  It's like a snow day, with power!"

And thanks to Heidi for allowing us to share her tips (and humor) with you.  Clearly, the Coronavirus outbreak has virtually upended our daily lives and we are in the middle of a true social crisis. I can tell you that Heidi saw this coming weeks ago.  She has been following the outbreak for weeks and has been steadfastly preparing her family for where we are now.  I'm sure she'll share some more helpful tips over the next couple of weeks.  If she does, we'll share them with you.  Just like the handy dandy tip on how to make your own toilet paper.

And one quick note from me, because I am a dog owner.  If you have a bucket of bleach water in the bathroom, make sure there's no way your dogs can get into it.

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