Steve Bridgmon is celebrating this milestone while staying #HealthyAtHome in Nashville. Steve wrote this inspirational song for his sister Shannon. Shannon is a 1991 graduate of Daviess County High School and is currently in the fight of her life with glioblastoma brain cancer.

The celebration is bittersweet because he can't share the moment with his sister. So many families are suffering during the coronavirus pandemic in so many different ways. We are indeed in this together.

Bridgmon Family

Over the last several months we've been patiently watching 'Patiently Waiting' climb the charts, and yesterday it jumped to #1. The HLE Christian Country Countdown with Steve Roberson is essentially the Casey Kasem (American Top 40) of Christian Country Music. This isn't the first song to hit #1 for Steve, but it is the most special. WBKR wrote about Shannon's journey back in January. I asked Steve how he was feeling at that time.  "Faith is the backbone of what I do and I’ve leaned on it for everything .. and faith has kept me from falling apart," he shared. "I'm just so proud of Shannon and although she’s younger than me, she's my role model for perseverance."

Bridgmon Family

I speak to Steve often and he's been so upset that he's staying #HealthyAtHome in Nashville, while his baby sister needs him in Texas. Patients with cancer are more susceptible to the coronavirus, which makes it very hard on loved ones that can't be there during these difficult days. It's heartbreaking. Any time is a terrible time to have cancer, but right now is a very difficult time. So many can't be with their loved ones.

I asked Steve how he was feeling earlier in the week. "She's had some very good days lately." Steve said. "I'm just very sad that I can't be with Shannon and my family. She's such a fighter and is so amazing. We try to talk 2-3 times per day.", Bridgmon went on to add.

Shannon Rinaldo via

When I asked him how he felt about 'Patiently Waiting' getting so much recognition, his answer was all about his sister. "I've had two number 1 songs before, but this one means the world to me, because it's not about me. It's about a fighting woman who has been my best friend since 1973." Steve said of his sister. "When Shannon was born on Christmas Eve, what a gift she was! Her fight and journey, is the reason why I'm even in Nashville doing what I love."

We could all use some inspiration today so let's go to church with 'Patiently Waiting'. Congrats on your third #1 hit single!

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