Now that Disney has gobbled up everything that's important to you and your childhood, they're going to start doing what any corporation worth its salt would do: start squeezing every single possible dollar out of your bank account until your wallet cries uncle. The first step in their recent wave of corporate synergy was giving the 'Star Wars' comic license back to Marvel. Step two is an even bigger deal: giving Pixar a 'Star Wars' movie to make.

According to the folks over at Latino Review,  the beloved and critically acclaimed animation studio behind the likes of 'Toy Story' and 'Up' may have just been given the keys to the 'Star Wars' sandbox. This is what life under the Disney umbrella must look like: all of your favorite things whirling around and colliding in one massive storm of well-structured insanity.

The exact nature of this project remains unknown, but the possibilities are seemingly limitless. The 'Star Wars' universe is as vast as anything in all of fiction, so all the folks at Pixar have to do is find one corner of that universe that they find interesting and tell a good story. If it's anything like past Pixar productions, Disney itself will remain relatively hands-off and let the creative types do their thing. It'll be especially interesting to watch this studio, who have created their fair share of beloved characters and franchises, play in someone else's world.

[Ed. note: We spoke to Pixar's Story Supervisor, Kelsey Mann, last year and he said that he "would love to" do a 'Star Wars' spinoff at Pixar centered around Han Solo and the Millennium Falcon. Take that for what it's worth...]

But, it's also a double-edged sword. If Pixar doubles down on making a 'Star Wars' movie, it'll mean a big break from another original film. Sure, seeing an animated 'Star Wars' movie from these guys sounds great, but greater than something completely fresh and original? Probably not. In any case, all we can do now is sit back and hope that they either make a kick-ass 'Star Wars' movie or don't make one at all.

In the meantime, 'Star Wars: Episode 7' will arrive late next year.

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