Within the last couple of months, I've received three birthday reminders for friends who've passed away.

And it is still, for a split second, a little disarming.

At first, when I was new to Facebook and getting used to social media, in general, it would be very weird to be reminded that a friend who'd passed had a birthday on this day or that day.

But, now, I'm used to the fact that they will continue to pop up in my feed, even if, for a brief moment, I'm still taken aback when I see them.

I suppose it makes sense that this would continue since no one can really get into someone's Facebook page unless that person made it a point to share the information.

And, as much as Facebook CAN control certain aspects of the site, I can see where that wouldn't be something they could control.

How would they know if someone passed away?

And these birthday reminders can also serve a good purpose. When we see the name of a friend or loved one who's no longer with us, it's human nature for some memory of that person to pop into our brains.

And there's nothing wrong with that.

I guess I'm writing about this to see what some of you think about birthday reminders of loved ones who've passed away appearing in your Facebook feeds.

Is it painful? Or have you grown used to it?

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