Since January 1st I've been saying things like "1987 was THIRTY YEARS AGO?!?" and "We're SEVENTEEN YEARS into this millennium?!?"

And when I saw a fun and funny collection of photos of malls from 1989, I did it again.

"I can't believe 1989 was TWENTY-EIGHT YEARS AGO!"

H.Q. Roosevelt put these up in a blog on his website and they are hilarious!

And obviously you get more out of them than just the fact that they were taken in malls.

Look at all that hair...and those stone-washed jeans...and people smoking INSIDE the mall.

You're gonna see t-shirts with the airbrushed names of the owners on them.

You'll see  something called Tape World in the background. Was there REALLY a store that just sold tape? Sounds like an old Saturday Night Live sketch.

I saw a Kay-Bee Toy Store sack and a Patrick Swayze poster.

And an ARCADE! Although I don't remember Ikari Warriors. Must've been after my time.

Anyway, click here and enjoy a trip down memory lane

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