Owensboro is asking citizens to report potholes this week.  If you have a pothole that really bugs you, take a photo and email it to me, Joe@1490womi.com . We have a great prize package for the worst pothole in the city/county. The worst pothole photo will earn two months (8) worth of car wash certificates from Cheetah Clean, an Emergency Road Kit from AAA, and a $25 Gift Card from O'Reilly's Auto Parts.  The runner up will get a $25 O'Reilly's gift card.

I will put is on the 1490WOMI.com site.  Please provide the location so we can pass it on to Owensboro's Pothole Technicians. We will accept your pothole portraits thru April 15th.

Old Hartford Rd. and Burlew Blvd
South Eastern Pkwy and Old Hartfort Rd.

A release from Owensboro Public Works Director Wayne Shelton says," Winter weather has done its usual damage to city streets. Frequent freezing and thawing cycles experienced during the winter months results in cracks in our streets that allows water to seep under the road surface. Street expansion associated with freezing followed by street contraction associated with thawing causes potholes.

In order to fill potholes created during the winter freeze cycle, the Owensboro Street Department has declared a WAR ON POTHOLES to through April 15. During this week, the public is being asked to phone City Action at 687-4444 to report the location of all potholes. Please be as specific as possible on locations, referencing a street address or intersection. City crews will patch potholes through the week of April 18 through the 22."

The City will even pass the location of potholes on state or county streets to the proper officials saving you and me the hassle.

Please forward your photos to joe@1490womi.com.

Send us a photo of your favorite pothole with the location and we will forward it on to city officials for you.

Watch the website: www.1490womi.com to view your pothole portrait. Be sure to include the photographers name as this must be included in our posting.

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