It's no secret Kentucky leads the nation in lung cancer and lung cancer deaths. The Coalition for a Smoke Free Tomorrow is taking their case to Frankfort to show a way to discourage young people from smoking.

The new campaign entitled "A Dollar More" will focus on improving infant health and preventing youth smoking.

The increase also will lead 29,400 adults smokers to quit and prevent 14,800 premature deaths. And it will save $1.07 billion over the long term in health care costs in the Commonwealth.

A December 2017 poll found that nearly 7 in 10 Kentucky voters (69 percent) support raising the cigarette tax, and the support rose to 73 percent when voters heard about the specific health benefits from a tax increase and the revenue it would generate. More than 150 state organizations are on board with the initiative.

In addition, nearly 90 percent of Kentucky adults favor 100 percent tobacco-free school campuses in their communities.

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