Puzzle Pieces is heading into 2022 with big plans and know what? They are turning 10 years old!

On this snowy Thursday morning, Executive Director Amanda Boarman Owen held a press conference at the Owensboro Convention Center to announce the organization's plans for the new year. Owen actually did a take 2 of the press conference from the comfort of her own home to make sure everyone knows the story and the mission of Puzzle Pieces.

Now the first big Puzzle Pieces fundraiser of the year as you know is the Owensboro Lip Sync Battle. 2022 will be the fifth edition and it will take place Saturday, January 15th at 6:30 p.m. Chad and Angel will once again serve as the emcees. Standing room tickets are still available.

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The Puzzle Pieces vision:

"Puzzle Pieces’ philosophy is to equip each person with individualized skills that enable them to become productive citizens. Not only that but also providing access to the community and a community center to socially engage with peers while meeting their individualized goals.  In this way, they are integrated into the daily life of the community.

The original passion behind Puzzle Pieces was to provide year-round, daily social opportunities and activities to our clients. Puzzle Pieces also enhances the support system of the working families raising their loved ones with special needs. 

Our main goal is to meet, through our services and programs, the needs of the clients we serve with a person-centered approach while incorporating a social atmosphere with opportunities to access the community.  Individuals with intellectual disabilities are deserving of high-quality programming that is client choice enabling them to become valued, respected, contributing members of society." 

And learn more about Puzzle Pieces HERE.


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