If I have learned anything at all in my 40 + years in radio, it's that we all love Holiday Goodies. Baked Goods, Hams, Breakfast sausage, my personal favorite Jam Cakes, fish, veggies, strawberries, if you want someone to sample your culinary creations bring it to the radio station.

Christmas time is the best, listeners bring goodies, co-workers bring goodies, record companys send goodies, heck we even get goodies from Dave Ramsey. It is not hard to just sit at the station and comsume 3000 calories in a 3-4 hour shift. I wouldn't change if for the world.

Yesterday my daughter, Sandy, brought in maple syrup flavored sausage balls. They were gone in less than an hour.

Today Rebecca brought in some goodies as a thank you for playing a song for her Granddaughter Gracie Pearl (4) who is in Italy with her parents. Gracie's Dad is in the Air Force and they listen to the Joe Lowe Morning show on the internet to keep in touch with Owensboro and Daviess County.

The goodies plate was piled high with fresh baked goods and everyone loved em. I even took a few picures.

This post is not to solicit goodies but I do want you to know we certainly appreciate them. Rest assured they do not go to waste but they might end up as a part of my waist. Did mention the studios are located at 3301 Fredercia St.? Monday thru Friday from 6 a.m. to 5 p.m. in case your are wondering.

Happy Holidays.

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