Last year I visited fictional Holden, Kentucky. It's a town that made an appearance on Hulu's 11.22.63 and, on a map, it was about 12 miles south of Owensboro.

Well, I might now have to try to find ANOTHER fictional Kentucky town called Oxblood.

It's the setting for a new southern gothic drama--a nighttime soap opera--starring Reba.

Now, the series--which features a storyline that will utilize a suspected act of terror on the Fourth of July as its launching point--hasn't started filming yet, and Reba says they haven't gotten the official go ahead, yet, from ABC, but the network HAS announced it.

If and when they get that go-ahead, Reba thinks they'll start shooting the pilot in March.

I hope it all comes together.

I like it that it's set in Kentucky.

And, besides, I'm already getting geared up for an ACTUAL road trip to a FICTIONAL town.

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