Our summer of Yard Parties continues tomorrow here at the WBKR studios on Frederica Street in Owensboro.  The Relay for Life team from TTMA is joining us for a fun yard party to raise money for the American Cancer Society.  This is actually a great tie-in to our yard party series.  The series is sponsored this year by TTMA, which also sponsors Relay for Life annually.  Plus, the company always fields a Relay team as well.  Tomorrow, members of that team will be here on the front lawn of the WBKR studios continuing their efforts to raise some much-needed funds for ACS.

On Friday, September 3rd, from 10am to 1pm, you can join us at 3301 Frederica Street for our Relay for Life Yard Party.  The team from TTMA will be serving up $5 lemon shakeups.  By the way, if you're like me and missed the Kentucky State Fair this year, here's the perfect opportunity to get that lemon shakeup you missed out on.

In addition to shakeups, the team will have a variety of Relay for Life and ACS shirts available for sale for just $5 a piece.  Here are some of the themes of this year's shirts- Hope Shines Bright on My Old Kentucky Home, Faith Hope Love, and Hope Starts at Home.  Youth and adult sizes will be available for purchase on site tomorrow.

This year's Relay for Life event, for the second year in a row, was scaled down considerably due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.  However, last Friday ACS did have a small luminary ceremony at Smothers Park in downtown Owensboro.  Because of COVID, organizers limited attendance to just about two dozen people.  However, they were able to pay tribute to over 300 people by lighting luminaries in their honor.

The team is captained by Rhonda Johnson, who works in HR at TTMA.

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