This morning on the WBKR morning show, Ron Rhodes threw us a meteorological curve ball.  And, while he's not saying it will happen, he's suggesting it could happen.  Your Eyewitness News forecast for Tuesday night suggests we could actually see some snow flakes.  Not kidding!  Snow . . . on freaking April 20th!!

Here's Ron breaking down the possibility on with Angel and me this morning.

UGH!!!!!  What???!!!

Now, we love us some Ron Rhodes, but on this particular occasion, we're refusing to take his word for it.  So, I did a quick swoop through other major weather forecast sites to see if anyone else is uttering the "s" word.

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There is no doubt that The Weather Channel forecast shows it's going to be cold enough to spit some flakes at us, but, at the moment, they have avoided actually saying that.

The Weather Channel

AccuWeather is showing lots of precipitation as well and a low of 35 degrees.  That certainly indicates the possibility of snow, but, like The Weather Channel, they haven't dared to utter that dreadful word that NO ONE should have to hear in April.

And, finally, I checked the National Weather Service forecast.

National Weather Service

As you can see, for now at least, the National Weather Service in Paducah has resisted using the "s" word.  However, it definitely appears that we are going to have some sort of precipitation Tuesday night.  But just how cold is going to get and what how exactly will that precip fall remains to be seen.  But Ron says to brace yourselves!  We just may see a little bit of snow.


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