The 'Saving Mr. Banks' trailer has arrived via our friends at Moviefone, giving us the first footage of what promises to be one of the most talked about movies this awards season. We'd expect nothing less from a movie about the making of 'Mary Poppins,' with the great Tom Hanks playing Walt Disney and the equally great Emma Thompson playing P.L. Travers.

You don't have to be a Disney nut or a 'Mary Poppins' fan to find this story fascinating. Set in the early 1960s, 'Saving Mr. Banks' follows Walt Disney as he struggles to get a film adaptation of P.L. Travers' novel about a magical nanny off the ground. However, Travers herself comes to Hollywood and gets personally involved in the production, challenging Disney's various changes to her work. As she battles with Disney in the '60s, the film flashes back to Travers' childhood -- where we meet her father, the inspiration for Mr. Banks in 'Mary Poppins' -- and understand her hesitation about letting her story get adapted.

'Saving Mr. Banks' is directed by John Lee Hancock and hits theaters on December 13, 2013.

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