Last Memorial Day, I wanted to do something special with my little girl. I had originally planned a picnic at the Boonville City Lake Splash Park but then I remembered that there's a beach in Boonville! Being new to the area, I had never been to the Boonville beach but the photos online looked pretty amazing. So, we packed up our PB&Js, snacks, sunscreen and towels and headed to the Scales Lake beach.

It's located on an embankment of Scales Lake. There's a $2 parking fee to get into the park and a $3-4 adult admission to swim. This pays for several lifeguards, a concession stand, showers, bathrooms and even a big water slide! But heads up, floaties are NOT allowed.

It was a perfect day and the lake was clean and beautiful. Everyone at the beach was friendly and it was just big enough to be fun but not lose track of your child. The younger kids can go pretty far out in the shallow end but there is deeper swimming for older kids and adults.

Plus, at Scales Lake there are playgrounds, camping spots, picnic shelters, petting zoo and even a pavilion. It was an awesome day out for friends and family!

The 2019 season starts May 25, 2019 so pack your picnic and head to the beach!

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2019 Rates
Car Pass $2.00

Children ages 5 and under are free
Mondays through Fridays $3.00
Weekends and Holidays $4.00

Package of 6 Beach Entrances
Mondays through Fridays $16.00
Saturdays, Sundays, and Holiday Weekends $22.00

Beach and Water Slide Annual Entrance Permits
Individual $25.00
Family of four $60.00
Additional family members $10.00 each

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