The only thing I really don't like about a bumper sticker is wordiness. What if whatever the sticker has to say is really funny but I don't have to time to read it?

But that's a very small issue when compared to the kind of information on a bumper sticker that could actually put the owner at risk.

We've all seen the stickers about honor students and the ones that have pictures of stick figure families, right?

Well, I ran across a graphic and video posted by WBRC/Birmingham that does the best job I've ever seen of illustrating the risks of bumper stickers that are just a little too revealing.

In that image, it's pointed out that the "honor student" sticker tells everyone where your kids go to school.

The stick figure family features a father in a military uniform, indicating he isn't home very much.

The kids are wearing sports and cheerleader uniforms, respectively, which means they probably stay after school.

The image of the dog shows that the family probably has a small dog and not a big, more protective one.

There's a green sticker on the vehicle's lower right that indicates where the family lives.

The graphic also shows that the stick family images contain the names of the family members. But to be honest, that's the one feature on this example I've never seen.

Now, take another look at that list. That's a LOT of information to give to strangers.

I'm sure there was a time when this was all a perfectly harmless practice.

But, today, those kinds of revelations might just be a little too dangerous.



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