I'm not sure if I've ever written a proper diatribe aka rant, but this is something that just irks me to the core. When did telling time on an analog clock become semi-obsolete?

It seems in Britain, schools are removing analog clocks in favor of digital ones so students won't freak out over looking at how much time they have left to take a test.

In every classroom when I was growing up there was an analog clock affixed above the chalkboard (remember those???) and I can't remember at what age I learned to tell time, but I could look at those clocks all throughout the years and know exactly how much time was left in class, regardless if there was a timed test.

Kids today know nothing but digital time; it's used on cell phones, tablets, computer screens, and they now pop up in the hallways of many schools. And I don't understand even though those with Apple watches can display an analog face, what's the point?

When snow cancelled several days of school, my niece Zoey was studying how to tell time. She's almost at the end of first grade. I think another reason the analog clock is going bye bye is because of kids spending way too much screen time on the said above devices. Is telling time the old way that difficult?

I don't get it.

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