It's been said that everyone has a few skeletons in the closet.  Betty Jean Jones (a.k.a. Tink) and her boyfriend Robert Brantley have a bunch of them.  And, as you can see from their brand new "haunted" display, they dragged them out of the closet and into the front yard this year for Halloween!  Check out their display, which is located right in downtown Sebree.  As Tink says, "You can't miss it."  Here's a sneak preview!

The Sebree Skeleton Crew

Betty Jean says the two love decorating for Halloween, but it really is all about "doing it for the kids."  As a matter of fact, they plan to take up donations for a local family with the Shop with a Cop program.  In a yard full of skeletons, that's what you call having skin in the game!

Earlier this morning, Tink and Robert called the morning show to chat about their mutual love of Halloween and skeletons!


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