Size does matter and more people are trying to live with less of it as the tiny home crazy continues to grow. If you're interested in minimalizing your life and you wouldn't mind living in the gorgeous Lake of Egypt part of Illinois, I found a tiny space you should see.

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Greg shared pictures on the Tiny House Listings website and it shows a 500 square foot tiny home next to Lake of Egypt. Here's some backstory about why this home is now available and where it's located from the listing:

Our kids are starting college, and our lives are too busy to continue to enjoy our Tiny Cabin. Our Tiny Cabin is located on The Resort, which provides a three-season, fun-filled, lakeside escape for your entire family with endless activities and entertainment that everyone will enjoy.

It seems like Greg has done a lot with this small space. See for yourself.

See a 500 Square Foot Tiny Home Next to Lake of Egypt in Illinois

If you're not familiar with where Lake of Egypt is located, it's just south of Marion, Illinois.

Google Maps Satellite View
Google Maps Satellite View

As of this writing, Greg is making his tiny home available for the asking price of $80,000. Make sure to check out the full Tiny House Listing for more pics, details and updates about what this teeny tiny space near Lake of Egypt is all about.

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