The idea of fitting your life into a tiny home is minimalization. That's why I'm baffled (and impressed) that someone managed to get what looks like a full-size sectional into a tiny home in Missouri.

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Cris is the person who shared pics of this unique place located in Westline, Missouri on Tiny House Listings. According to the website, this teeny tiny home was built in October of 2021. It's 35 feet long, 8 feet wide with around 400 square foot of living space. Pay special attention to how big the sectional is one one side of the home. It looks like it might fold out into a sleeping area which truly is a smart use of space.

Someone Managed to Get a Sectional into this Missouri Tiny Home

It looks like Cris has had the tiny home winterized and is making it available for $74,500 or best offer as of this writing. If I were young again (oh, I dream), I'd love this as a first property that would be mobile on a trailer. Imagine taking a home like this to college and putting in a rental space where it could go back home with you when you go home. Lots of possibilities.

Check out the full listing for more pics, details and updates.

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