When you're looking for a home, how important are fish accommodations to you? If that's a priority, you'll want to see what's inside an exotic St. Louis, Missouri estate that has 2 mammoth aquariums.

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This is 22 Countryside Lane in St. Louis. I found this wonderous place on Zillow. It's a 6-bedroom, 9-bathroom dream house that is as exotic as you'd expect for the $3.75 million dollars asking price. Wait until you see the aquariums though.

See Inside a Missouri Mansion with 2 Massive Aquariums

Here's an interesting note from the listing about that lower level:

The unique Lower Level is unlike any found in residential construction, with room size fish tanks and viewing galleries, billiard and games rooms, plus a massive gym. Additional space for Craft room and Sleeping areas. 5-car garage.

Yes, 5-car garage and room-size fish tanks. Little Nemo would be so excited for that home.

I've shared a handful of pics, but there are even more along with details and updates you can see for yourself on the full Zillow listing.

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