They are called 'barndominiums' and they are all the rage right now. It's like a barn and a condominium had a baby. You can look inside of one of these unique buildings that is currently available in Missouri to see what it's really like.

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I had a friend mention that a lot of people are talking about 'barndominiums', so I decided to see what all the fuss is about. I found this stunning home on Land Search which led me to a listing on Realtor. It's a 'barndominium' in Perryville, Missouri and it's a looker.

See What It's Like Inside a Missouri 'Barndominium'

There's an interesting article on Classic Home Remodeling about how much money people can potentially save (maybe) when building a 'barndominium' versus a regular home. They argue that a home build like this is more efficient in energy management and the cost to get it done versus conventional builds.

This Perryville, Missouri 'barndominium' costs $1,075,000 as of this writing and that includes the over 113 acre lot it sits on.

Is this the future? Time will tell, but 'barndominiums' sure are a conversation starter for a lot of people looking into new homes right now.

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