'Tis the season for political stickers, maybe. I have a certain candidate's sticker that I have yet to place on my RAV4. I'm biding my time. Until then, I have two stickers that have been with me for two cars and I can't believe I'm actually thinking of removing them.

Here's the other one:


So who in the heck are these guys?!? The wrestler-looking dude is Strong Bad and the other is one of his arch nemeses Homestar Runner. Back in 2003, a friend introduced me to this website. It's basically a group of characters placed in various situations. Here's a sample.

Yeah, the humor is not for everyone, but I like offbeat things and I ordered a pack of static cling stickers for me and my sister. In the last couple of years, the website has only been updated a few times, enter YouTube where all the videos can go. My point is, I'm 40 and I may have outgrown the sticker phase of my obsession with these characters. I will get the occasional compliment from a drive-thru window when I'm not being called "sir".

So, when is the right time to let a bumper/car sticker go? How many are too many?  Or, are you anti-sticker? Let me know!