Snakes are just creepy. But, I'm not so scared of them that I won't touch one or pick one up, but I don't want to find one in my house or garage.

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Snakes outside are fine, they eat mice. But inside, I know they still eat mice, but no thank you. I just imagine waking up with one trying t snuggle my leg under the covers. Yikes.

Both my mother-in-law and my co-worker, are deathly afraid of snakes. even the sight of them in a photo freaks them out. They both believe that snakes chase you to bite you. That's not true.

Do snakes chase you?

According to Wildlife Removal USA,

The belief that the snake may chase humans is not true since there is no way that the snakes may pursue the person's acts in order to hurt them. The snakes normally bite because of two reasons, it can be to subdue the prey or for self-defense.

I saw this video and it made me think of everyone who is scared of snakes. Even though we know that snakes aren't hunting for you to bite you if my mother-in-law and friend would never use their front door again.

A family from Rutherford, TN, posted this video on Viral Hog. Here is what they have to say about the snake/cam incident.

We are new to Tennessee and have only lived here for 2 years. We are trying to get familiar with the wildlife here. My husband and I were out of town and our daughter was at the house. Our front door camera was able to capture our new visitor. After posting the video on a Facebook page that I follow 'The Tennessee snake identification and education page' I was told it was a Gray Rat Snake. Apparently, they can climb up brick walls to check things out.



Maybe the snake is just trick or treating a little early. LOL

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