In conjunction with this coming All Hallows Eve, last night's episode of 'Saturday Night Live' — with host and musical guest, Bruno Mars — offered New York's denizens and tourists a few suggestions for enjoying the holiday weekend. And naturally, who better to comment on the city's best parties than 'Weekend Update' City Correspondent, Stefon?

As per usual, Stefon — portrayed by Bill Hader and written largely by John Mulaney — delivered some of the best destinations for Halloween happenings throughout the city, clubs we'd we'd never imagine visiting otherwise. How else would we know about Jellybowls, a club guarded by Hobocops (be warned) giving out glasses of either champagne or urine?

Beyond the outlandish descriptions of club after club, and the correction of Stefon's use of the term "midget," the best part was when Hader broke character, something he's often done in the past. It's become part of the sketch in its own right, something Hader attributes largely to Mulaney's quick script changes just before airtime.

As usual, the audience, as well as Update host Seth Meyers, didn't seem to mind at all.

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