SNL hasn't been too political in recent months, but last night's cold open saw the show jump right back into current events, taking on all of the recent movement on gun control laws...or lack thereof. In true SNL fashions, both sides of the debate come out looking pretty moronic.

The scene is introduced by Jay Pharoah's President Obama, who tells the audience that he's overseen new gun control legislation with the help of a bipartisan team. Then, two senators (played by the Bill Hader and Jason Sudeikis) take the stage to go over the details of the bill...which ultimately amounts to nothing. Both politicians (one a Democrat, the other a Republican) are too afraid to make any broad sweeping changes, so their new gun control laws are hilariously useless, with the biggest countermeasure being the person selling the gun asking the customer if they're a good person.

As much as we love SNL when it's just being silly, it's political commentary that keeps it relevant in the grand scheme. With so much going so hilariously wrong in the world (just look at any given Onion headline), we hope to see more like this from the immortal sketch show in the near future.

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